Sunday, July 6, 2008

I love it when you discover a song and it's just a great song with no other connections to your being. Then later on you discover that it has some deeper meaning. Maybe something like how I loved Modest Mouse's last album and finding out that the bassist from The Smiths had joined the band just prior to the album. Or why I always liked that All Saints song Pure Shores but nothing else and later finding out it was produced/written by William Orbit.

Anyway Ladyhawke has been on my ipod for months and I just find out she's from New Zealand. She's been touring Europe with Peaches and the legendary Soulwax crew and getting rave reviews all round.

Ladyhawke has a sweet website with free downloads available. The new Paris is Burning single has just been released with a very decent Alex Gopher, he just gets better and better, remix.

Raul Julia - Is just cool apart from Streetfighter, that was rubbish.


*cherrybomb*bebe* said...

I find that if I close my eyes she sounds similar to chrisse hynde from the pretenders. I feel mid 80's era thing.......although don't quote me Im not the musical guru I'll leave that to you...xox

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