Thursday, July 10, 2008

The man has got to me and I can no longer offer hotlinked files although I'm looking into an alternative. Any suggestions? But thank you Fileden for the service anyway. I just got a 'account suspended' message with no explanation.

I first discovered El-P with his remix of Dizzee Rascal – Where Da G’s At. A chunky remix full of misplaced beats that seemed to work just right.

Style: Hip Hop

From: Brooklyn

Record Label: Definitive Jux

Sounds like: Plastic Little, Cassettes Won’t Listen, Girl Talk

My own subjective genre label: Orchestral Electro Hip Hop

The link above will take you to his free remix album the ‘We are all going to burn in hell mixtape’ which is free to download.

El-P: Fuck the law

From the free mixtape

El-P: Flyentology(Cassettes Won’t Listen remix)

Brilliant remix from CWL

Pela: Lonesome Hearts(Cassettes Won’t Listen remix)

Just a random CWL remix.


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