Monday, July 7, 2008

The new Coldplay album is out and wow! I still despise them as much as ever.
This a themed post called 'crap song good remix' where I search for a good remix of a bad song. Ok so it's hard with Coldplay because their songs are more often turned into cheesy big room singalong house anthems but at least these 2 tear up the roots of what Coldplay plant so un-needingly upon our ears.

Natti - Ruled The World
So this is essentially just hip hop i.e. stealing a sample and laying some rhymes over it.

Chark Mu - Viva La Vida (electro remake)
A cute instrumental version of the song that sounds a bit like the moog cookbook style of remake.

And finally an older remix by the great Jacques Lu Cont (or perhaps his moniker Thin White Duke). Talk by Coldplay takes it's melody directly from Kraftwerk's 'Computer Love' and is beautifully remixed for the d-floor here. Hell, Jacques could remix Gordon Brown discussing the credit crunch and it'd sound good.

Coldplay - Talk remixed by Jacques Lu Cont


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