Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I first heard John Matthias on Coldcut’s ‘Man in a Garage’, the standout single from the 2005’s fairly dull Sound Mirrors.

Evermore comes off his debut album ‘Stories from the Watercooler’, released on Ninjatune.

It’s a smouldering, lushly produced growling folksy tune that breaks beautifully into an uplifting falsetto chorus, something John proves adept at throughout the album. The somewhat sparse production deserves a big stereo/good earphones to appreciate the layers of echoing guitar and various electronic elements.

While the whole album can get a little rich and his attempt at what occasionally sounds like glam rock is a little abrasive – there are some brilliant moments alongside Evermore that make this a worthy purchase.

Mp3 John Matthias - Evermore


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