Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brightblack Morning Light's new album Motion to Rejoin was released 23rd September on Matador and I'm very happy to make this my return to music blogging.

It's a difficult to define sound. Similar to Morphine in it's lack of extroverted instrumentation but dense and sweet at the same time. Some describe it as psychedelic folk, a description I like the sound of.

Brightblack Morning Light MP3 - Opressions Each
Available free via Matador.

BBML Interview in Rolling Stone


Will_Bryant said...

I can't stop listening to it! they put on a swell live show! he's always sticking his tongue out and she does some crazy psyche swayin' on the keys!

We're Not Floating said...

Thanks for the comment. Hope I can catch them in London

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