Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fanboy/Fangirl - Scion Money

I’m not a US college, spring breaking, Miami Winter Music Conference attending hipster but I can appreciate this funny little namedropping song. There’s nothing musically exceptional about this but occasionally the lyrics of a song can be the sole hook.
The song covers a, presumably college, student’s spring break trip to the Miami Winter Music Conference. It’s a straight forward narrative of his trips to various parties and encounters with scene electronica DJs.

The funniest bits are the spoken verse descriptions of people like Tommy Sunshine that make them sound like mythical figures.
“The sun shone through his hair and he looked like Jeeesus”. Produced with an echo for added surreal effect.

Scion is a music label launched by Toyota, after the car of the same name. The Scion story is an interesting one, Toyota appear to be trying to break into the music industry by signing underground bands and creating a community around the concept. Supposedly it’s an altruistic project focussed on raising their stakes in the “pimp my ride” market for everyday passenger cars.

Reminds me a bit of King Missle...


meghanwarby said...

Scion's done a decent job upping their 'brand presence' (barf) @ music events - tho they did get into a squeak of trouble censoring some of the acts on their samplers...TX rap icon Bavu Blakes got involved while I was living down there...

Enjoin' the Mp3 - thanks!

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